Chillin’ With the Birds

I’ve had squirrels and rabbits hang out with me while I was writing (outside, of course), but I’ve never had a bird fly up and perch on my knee. Who is this guy–Johnny Appleseed?

I knew someone who allowed a wild egret into his house… but he was soon sorry he did.

P.S.–If you watch closely, you’ll find another starling in a flower pot.

3 comments on “Chillin’ With the Birds

  1. I have had lizards drop in on me while sitting in our living room. And one, just rested upon my knee for a long while But never any birds.

    However, twice, we had a bat come to visit our bedroom. As I was sitting in another room, I noticed it flying. I quickly closed the door and waited for it to land on something. Knowing enough not to touch it, I didn’t have to wait for long. It took rest upon our bed. Moving slowly, not to startle it, I gently took hold of the bed-sheet, and quickly threw it over the winged mammal, wrapped it up, and let him loose, to fly in the great outdoors once more.

  2. I’ve had deer come surprisingly close, but only because they suspected that I had food, and they wanted some of it. I’ve never had a bird perch on me, but I did once have a roadrunner walk within inches of me.

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