Why Do Dogs Allow This?

Why do dogs let themselves be buffaloed by cats? (There’s something very wrong with that sentence, but I can’t tell you what it is.) Millions of people have observed this behavior. No one has explained it. Some guy named Sam Katz said he could, but I never bought his theory.

3 comments on “Why Do Dogs Allow This?

  1. Molly, our Irish Setter was not intimidated by our cats. They would give-in and flee the room, if he wanted what they had.

    1. You should’ve seen my iguana chase a certain cat out of my bedroom. The other cat and the dog could come in all they liked, the three pets would cuddle on my bed. But that other cat made messes, and the big lizard wouldn’t tolerate that. He could be a bit scary when he wanted to be.

  2. The three pets cuddling on your bed, that must have been a wonderful site to see.

    Nevertheless, I think a large iguana would be scary, if it showed up in your bedroom, on your bed, and you didn’t have a pet iguana.

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