‘Heidelberg Man’–Oh, Boy!

The famous Heidelberg Man’s lower jaw–all that’s left of him

I entertained myself this morning with the chapter on “Heidelberg Man” in Roy Chapman Andrews’ Meet Your Ancestors. Written in 1945, when “Piltdown Man” was still a going concern at least among British scientists, Andrews hailed Homo heidelbergensis as a solidly bona fide human ancestor. An awful lot of water has flowed under the scientific bridge since then. Please don’t ask me to sort it out for you. Anyway, Heidelberg Man still has his spot in the lineup. For a long time that single jawbone was all they had to go on. Since then many specimens have been discovered, which may or may not belong to his species. It’s quite confusing.

But what got to me was the fact that they’re still calling him “Heidelberg Man,” thus posing a knotty problem for German newspaper headline writers.

I mean, what are we to make of a headline like this: “Heidelberg Man Charged With Reckless Driving”? Or “Heidelberg Man Receives Honorary Ph. D.”? As a former headline writer myself, I can tell you that such headlines crop up all the time.

(Well of course he’s going to screw up on the Autobahn! Where would he go for Driver Ed, three-quarters of a million years ago?)

If you don’t like the Settled Science of our time, wait a bit and it will change.



5 comments on “‘Heidelberg Man’–Oh, Boy!

  1. Only the ignorant believe in evolution, dirt to Kurt, over millions of years.

    1. I didn’t mention evolution in that blog post. I only looked to enjoy a laugh at the expense of science.

      Given our culture and our education system, it took me most of my life to acquire any doubts about evolution. People just don’t think about it. We should’ve long ago learned not to believe what we’re told.

      In 1945, when Andrews’ book came out, who doubted evolution?

      We ought to be thankful for such progress as we’ve had since then. It’ll take more time to fell this tree.

  2. I went to my daughter’s Presbyterian Church today for Mother’s Day and we confessed our sins congregationally by reciting from the Heidelberg Catechism. I wonder if Heidelberg Man was on its committee 🙂

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