‘How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?’ (2014)

Crazy teacher with angry emotion. Isolated portrait Stock Photo | Adobe  Stock

How do the teachers’ colleges train them to be kooks?

I could still generate this blog every day if I published nothing but news items about how awful public schooling has become. Literally, I would never run out of material. But I’d probably run out of readers.

How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?

Quick, call the police! Children playing ‘hangman’!

And the police come when they’re called. That’s the strangest thing of all. You’d think they’d lock up the kooks for wasting their time.

I went to teachers’ college in the early 1970s and it wasn’t a training ground for kooks, cranks, and wackos. It was mostly just dull.

But honk if you think public education is just fine.

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