By Request: ‘Remind Me, Dear Lord’

Requested by Elder Mike: Remind Me, Dear Lord, sung by Alison Krauss and the Cox Family.

Oh, Lord! All the lovely, sane, beautiful things you put in our lives–our families spring to mind, though mine is almost entirely passed away–please make us truly thankful for them. Make us wise enough not to waste them!

4 comments on “By Request: ‘Remind Me, Dear Lord’

  1. Thank you for finding this wonderful rendition of this song. As I listen, I think of my wife, the short 17 years we had together. Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to meet, the love we shared, the blessing she was in my life, the wonderful memories I have. The blessing you allowed us during the last few months of her life, to be together, and as it was brought to a close, we got to say goodbye, and embrace and confirm our love for each other as the spirit of life you gave her, returned to the giver of life. Yes, remind me dear Lord, that she was not mine but yours, your gift given to me, her life was just borrowed, lent and bestowed upon me for a brief time.

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