Kerry: Confiscate Farms

Too bad it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner.

How to capture, in words, the hypocritical vileness that is John Kerry? I’m not sure I can; but maybe his own words can.

This America-hating Far Left fossil, who was almost president once, says the federal government just might have to confiscate farmlands and put the farmers out of business… To Save The Planet From Climate Change, of course (

Nope, confiscating farms is definitely “Not off the table,” the crawling worm said at the ongoing “Climate Summit.” Under one scenario he entertained, farmers would either have to sell their land to the government or be removed by force.

This is why we have the Second Amendment, our God-given right to bear arms. Take the land from my cold, dead fingers, Lurch!

Oh, but they’ll sic the military on us!

And maybe the military, rather than make war on their families and neighbors, might just turn around and bite The Government in the ass.

Listen, Lurch. I don’t care what they do in Holland or anywhere else in Europe. We have a Constitution that says you cannot do that here. What you need is a damned good flogging, confiscation of all your assets in America, and perpetual banishment–if you come back, we shoot you.

St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland.

Who will drive them out of Washington?

[P.S.–Yes, I know the equation: No farms = No food= Human race dies out. That’s probably not off the table, either.]

9 comments on “Kerry: Confiscate Farms

  1. Wait, didn’t the Soviet Union do this — and especially in (gasp) Ukraine — to the tune of millions dead of famine? In fact, didn’t Red China, North Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and other People’s Socialist Utopias do this with proportionately equal famine results? “Oh, but this time it will be different,” comes the response (as always).

  2. Gates the depopulation guy is so concerned about our health that he wants to save lives with his vaccines! And Kerry does look like Lurch but he’s not as nice.

  3. Since they know they will “win” their elections, they are not answerable to the common people.

    1. Yeah, consent of the governed is no longer required.
      But if they do fall… can you imagine how hard a fall it’ll be?

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