That Cwazy Wabbit!

Domestication sometimes results in very odd behavior. What does this rabbit want from the cat? (Actually I think I know, but I won’t be the one to say it.) Surely the cat, if pushed hard enough, could do the bunny some serious bodily harm. But she didn’t. Anybody out there want to try to decipher this?

6 comments on “That Cwazy Wabbit!

  1. That was one seriously annoyed cat. Usually, the “Siamese voice” only comes out when the cat’s tolerance is pushed beyond the limit. However, seriously annoyed doesn’t mean that the cat had lost its temper, or there would have been fur flying. 🙂

    1. I would say so. The behavior of rabbits and of cats is pretty much polar opposite to one another, and that Siamese was having none of the rabbit’s “nonsense”. What amazes me is that the rabbit never was even slightly dissuaded by all of this.

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