Watch the Language!

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It’s our own latter-day Tower of Babel!

We can’t win the culture war if we let the enemy control the language. Nowhere is their mischief with the language more blatant than in their romance with “transgender.”

See how they misuse the words. See them turn language into garbage.

“Health care” means lopping off children’s healthy body parts and shooting them full of drugs.

“Gender,” as opposed to “sex,” is supposedly a “social construct” and may be purposely shaped and re-shaped like Play-Doh.

“Assigned” is much abused. They talk about “gender assigned by doctor,” as if the attending physician somehow made the baby into a boy or a girl, rather than merely noting his observation of the steaming obvious. A girl is a girl and a boy is a boy no matter what a doctor or anybody else says.

“Gender-affirming care” is not care at all. “Gender” is very much in the mind of the beholder; it is not reality. What they are “affirming” is a delusion. “Affirming” means going along with someone’s wacked-out fantasy.

What we’re talking about here is purposeful child abuse carried out by adults who are either evil or insane or both. What we have is something that if everyone were to do it, the human race would go extinct.

Which is probably just what they’re aiming for.

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  1. Language has indeed been manipulated in order to play down the child abuse aspect. The users of this manipulated language are attempting to present changing one’s gender is as normal as getting a flu shot. The words, “top” and “bottom” surgery tend to make these life-altering procedures sound harmless. And the super-casual tone some have when talking about taking hormones is offsetting because in reality tinkering with hormones can be deadly.

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