‘The Inquiring Quokka’ (2020)

Meet the Quokka

We slipped, three years ago, and wondered what to do about it. By 2023 this blog had lost over a third of its readership.

I have no idea why. Other Christian bloggers have had the same experience. We are inclined to blame Big Tech. They don’t like us plebs getting uppity.

Byron the Quokka was unable to fix the problem.

The Inquiring Quokka

But never mind. It’s always good to get feedback from the readers. At least it proves they’re reading; and care enough to talk about it.

Even so… there are plenty of villains out there in search of a villainy.

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  1. I’ve been AWOL myself today. Too rushed. Needlecraft group at church in the morning, check-writing and other chores in the afternoon, and now after dinner it’s almost too late to do anything but skim quickly through the old inbox before getting ready for bed. I’ll try to come back to comment tomorrow afternoon (errands all morning), but of course the old inbox will have piled up with mail again. 🙄

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