‘Did He Say “Insubordinate”?’ (2020)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces run for 3rd term

At the height of the Great Pandemic and Lockdown, governors and mayors turned into kings and despots and our Constitution was ignored. It went so far that the wacko governor of Washington complained about county sheriffs in particular and the public in general being “insubordinate.”

Did He Say ‘Insubordinate’?

Remember “public servants”? The very concept has been erased–in our lifetimes. We could not hold on to our freedoms. We let them lock us down and shut us up. Our ancestors would be ashamed of us.

How can we be “insubordinate” to people whom we supposedly elected to serve us?

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  1. That was the great experiment in gov’t, the representatives working for WE THE PEOPLE.
    Wilson, then FDR, and then 1948-1062 Supreme Court decisions and it became reversed. As RJR liked to say, man prefers slavery to freedom.

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