Dog to Cat: ‘Do You Feel Lucky?’

This Great Dane is big enough to carry Fay Wray up the Empire State Building…and he wants the bed. And the cat on the bed says, “So what?” I’m ten times bigger than the cat and I’m already out of there. Where do cats get so much aplomb? (I’ve waited years to use that word.)

2 comments on “Dog to Cat: ‘Do You Feel Lucky?’

  1. Enjoyable video.

    That reminds me of another film, I think the title was; “The Last Feast of the Crocodiles,” where even the largest of those reptiles would give way to hippos. In one scene, a large hippo came out of the water and wanted to walk where a giant beast was sunning itself. It simply nudged it, and the croc didn’t feel lucky, it moved out of the way.

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