Klutzy Dogs, Clumsy Cats

“There’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”

“What’s that, Edgar?”

“Wading pool running away from somebody.” [Characters from the old Rocky & Bullwinkle Show]

I wonder how people in Scurveyshire would react if the vicar’s backyard wading pool suddenly became ambulatory. I’d better not let them see this video.

Cats & Kittens Bugging Dogs

I guess a grown-up cat can take care of himself, but what about the tiny kittens in this video, launching attacks on dogs many times their size? Are these kamikaze kittens? Or do they just know the family dog won’t hurt them? (Never did get much play out of my turtles: they’re all business.)

Little Kitten, Big Dog

Look at the nice things domestication does with animals. Cozy-time with dog and kitten: nobody gets eaten, even though the kitten sticks his face right into the dog’s ear.

I wonder if you can domesticate humans.

Why Do They Chase Their Tails?

You didn’t think I was going to answer that, did you? It’s such a mystery! I mean, the pug who chases his tail in this video hasn’t got a prayer of catching it, does he? No more than a rabbit or a guinea pig.

Mice wash their tails, but never have to chase them.

A Very Iffy World for Cats

In considering your answer, try to think like a cat.

What do a window, a mirror, and a TV screen have in common? Are they really so different from one another, or pretty much the same thing?

Oof, gotta catch my breath! Too much philosophizing on a full stomach.

Kitten Tackles Pit Bull!

Is the kitten bent on suicide? Or is the dog just the biggest four-legged wimp you everd saw?

I think we just have two animals playing!

Mammals play. Some birds do. But other kinds of animals don’t. It’s no accident that dogs and cats are our favorite household pets.

Rats and parakeets are often up for a frolic, too.