On the Same Team: Cats & Dogs

Y’know, some of these videos are actually heart-warming. We see dogs and cats, young and old, taking care of each other. Domestication is a good thing.

What’s With These Dogs?

Why are these dogs so scared of cats? They don’t need Halloween to crank up a good scare: cats are around all year. Whatever the reason, the dogs in this video ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Eccentric Cats and Dogs

I don’t think much of people who play pranks on their pets.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? My cat Henry got really ticked off by worry beads. I have no idea why.

And I never knew dogs could learn to imitate people–but we can see them doing it in this video.

Shame on the Cat

Who does this cat think she is–W.C. Fields? These adorable puppies want to make friends with her, cuddle up with her, and she wants no part of it. I would be mortified if my cat did that. So crabby!

Bonus Video: Cat, Dog, and ‘Mission: Impossible’

Sorry! I just cannot write any nooze today. Haven’t even read any. Besides, who can resist that classic Mission: Impossible theme music by Lalo Schiffren?

So watch these two try to open the door whose knob is just out of reach. What do you suppose is on the other side of the door, that makes them so anxious to open it?

Who ever had this much fun with pet spider crabs?

Cat Detonates Dog

Sorry, but I just couldn’t find a suitable cat or dog video tonight–so here’s one of my favorites. In way too many videos, humans keep butting in. Confound it, if I wanted people videos, I’d post people videos!

Having Four Legs Won’t Help You Here

This day has been just awful–and horribly hot, too. Maybe some icy video will help restore my sanity.

Here we have dogs and cats taking on icy surfaces and not faring any better than us humans. Probably you need six legs; but ice and insects don’t mix well.

Your Pets’ Cardboard Playground

If you want to jazz up life for your dogs or cats, give ’em a cardboard box. Play in it! Fight over it! Tear it apart! You’ll run out of cardboard before they run out of ideas.

Good Dog-Bad Dog

This is shown from the cats’ point of view (naturally–who else’s matters?). The one dog gets a friendly greeting. The other gets the bum’s rush–and woe betide him, if those two cats catch him. Disgraceful, isn’t it?

Dogs Terrified of… Cats

Fie, fie, fie upon a conquered pooch! Have these dogs no shame? It’s an embarrassment to the whole dog nation. Buffaloed by cats–mixed metaphor, but you get the point. Cowed by cats. Chicken-hearted dogs, they even embarrass the chickens.