‘How to Write a Fantasy Novel’ (2010)

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This was one of the very first posts to appear on this blog. Originally published in Chalcedon’s print magazine, Faith for All of Life, “How to Write a Fantasy Novel” is meant to shed some light on what we call–without devoting much thought to what we call it–“Christian fiction.”


After I read Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in high school, the only thing I ever wanted to do, as my work in life, was to write fantasy novels. It took me some fifty years to accomplish that.

Anyway, I’ve picked up knowledge along the way, and if you’re interested in trying your hand at writing fantasy, what I’ve learned through experience is encapsulated for you here. (I don’t believe I’ve had the opportunity to use the world “encapsulated” in any of my books. But you may want to.)

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  1. I read your advice and counsel. It’s sound. I am working on finishing up three more books, which I may, or may not publish. But I would still like to finish.

    And I have an idea percolating, and have been pondering for a while, writing a fantasy style novel, with some elements I don’t think feature a great deal, or not at all in other books. Can I do it? When I started “Reindeer,” I knew some sections and information would be out of my league and beyond my expertise. Some parts of that book project pushed me to my limit and skill, and a bit beyond. But there it stands, all finished and complete.

    I would ask for prayer for a number of issues in my life, not all of them dealing with finishing my books or writing another one. God knows what they are, and I ask that my friends on this blog, would you please join with me in asking God for help, with some very pressing and serious issues and needs. May the Will of our Lord be done. Thank you.

    1. You’re already in my daily prayers, Mike–and I’m sure others here will add you.
      We all need each others’ prayers. No doubt about that!

  2. Oh, I like everything you write so much, Mr. Lee Duigon! Sorry for not commenting so often, it’s because I’ve been a little busy. My father’s friend is still revising your book. When he’s done, I promise I’ll let you know.

    1. Mr. Lee Duigon, it’s a pleasure to talk to you! I’m glad to know that what I’m saying cheers you up.

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