The Old Melting Pot Ain’t Working

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Well, there’s some beauty lost to us…

Actually, Democrats threw away the Melting Pot decades ago. “Yeah, come on down! Come live in America, land of free stuff! And you won’t have to change a single thing!”

Three teens from Burma (aka Myanmar), ages 18, 17, and 16, are in hot water with the law for killing and eating a swan that lived in a public park in Manlius, New York ( The village has kept swans since 1905.

Was this a simple act of cruelty, such as could have been committed by semi-human louts anywhere in the world? Or was a case of not understanding what’s done or not done in America?

Someone rescued the swan’s four babies. But for the time being, the village of Manlius has no swan to grace its waters.

Do we still have an expectation that new arrivals in America will want to become, for all practical purposes, Americans? Or are they just going to hang out here and take, but never give?

I don’t know. Are people just getting worse, world-wide?

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  1. I’m reminded of articles from more than 5 years ago, when we were still living in the city, about how “immigrants” were needing to be taught that it was not okay to sexually assault or rape women in Western countries. Part of that included pictograph signs, because they didn’t know the languages in the countries they moved to, and weren’t trying to learn them, either.

    Oh, gosh… I just remembered another one. A group of Muslims slaughtered a goat in the parking lot of their apartment building for Eid. When people complained, neither the police nor animal welfare would do anything about it, and the complainers were labeled Islamophobes, instead.

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