Utah School District Bans Bible

The Bible

Do they really, truly, believe that kids get their vulgarity and violence from the Bible?

What do you say, America? Have you had enough yet… or do you want some more?

Well, here’s some more.

The Davis school district, in Utah (wasn’t there some rumor about that being a Red state–conservative or something?), has banned the Bible from elementary and middle school classrooms and libraries (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-65794363).

Why? For “vulgarity and violence,” of course! Such as… no answer to that.

Last year some of Utah’s schools banned pornographic material from their libraries. Now, in response to one complaint (!), Davis is gonna ban the Bible.

Gee. When I think of “violence” in connection with children, I think of “gender reassignment,” sex trafficking, and using the schools as grooming academies for child sex.

Yes, the Bible does contain allusions to God’s wrath. And if we don’t change our ways, we’ll see some of that wrath first-hand. Don’t think any smart-aleck verbal gymnastics will avert it.

8 comments on “Utah School District Bans Bible

  1. Funny that they haven’t also banned the Koran, which commands warfare over and over, details the gruesome punishments to be dealt out to enemies of Islam, and justifies rape of women captives and the beating of wives.

  2. Ha you know this is no surprise to me at all. You see how can they stop something that is eternal. They can try how much they want to destroy God’s word but it will never and can NEVER be removed nor destroyed. LOL! They are playing a very serious game which will lead them to a very furious lost by the righteous hands of our Father!

  3. Our City Elders group was instrumental in getting queer books for children out of the children’s section in the city library. Now the queer community is suing the library. Waiting for the wrath of God on this country yet praying God will have mercy in His judgment.

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