Schools Instead of Armies (19th-Century Pipe Dream)

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It took the Romans some 400 years to destroy their republic. We seem to be doing it faster.

I have a book to review for Chalcedon, War on the American Republic by Hillsdale College Professor Kevin Slack. Practically every page is dynamite. Belief in the perfectability of man, carried out by sinners and fools, has birthed no end of folly.

Here’s a quote by “leading psychologist” Grenville Stanley Hall, babbling his way through the 1890s:

“School has become the method of colonization and completes the work of conquest by armies.”

It’s more glaringly obvious today than it was in his time. Back then it was a shiny new idea that sparkled when you held it up to the light. Nitwits who assign themselves the authority to Change The World are still chasing it.

Now we don’t even need enemy armies to tread down our country. Public education has replaced them. Think CRT, think “gender reassignment” and puberty blockers. Think teachers’ unions.

God help us, what a mess we’ve made of things! The Smartest Persons In The World have proved to be the stupidest.

The fact that we’re still here, despite our wicked follies, suggests that God hasn’t given up on us. Let’s pray He never does.

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  1. Christian home schooling can change things for the better. The more home schooled children the better for a country.

    1. See Rushdoony, “The Messianic Character of American Education,” for a clear and thorough history of a really bad idea.

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