‘Plus Size’… or ‘Morbidly Obese’

Marx Dinosaurs Large Mold Group PL-749 1955-1959 | Collectors Weekly

I can’t illustrate this post without feeling that it might be cruel to do so. Here are some inoffensive toy dinosaurs instead.

Far Left Crazy is embracing obesity. If you haven’t noticed that so far, keep your eyes peeled. It’s coming.

Suddenly “fat” is “plus size,” which is supposed to make a difference. If you’re 100 pounds overweight, what’s your chance of living till 60? But never mind! It’s you! Worship yourself!

Let’s see… Take puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones for the rest of your life. “Gender Reassignment Surgery.” Legalize all drugs. Erase America’s borders. Erase all limits on abortion. “Pride” Month. When will they decide they’ve heaped enough abominations on our heads, and don’t need any more?

C.S. Lewis thought the machinations of the Far Left led back ultimately to Satan and had as their goal the extinction of life on Earth.

I don’t think he’d take it back if he could see what’s going on today. Do you?

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