Normal People Win Lawsuit Settlement

Teachers May Conduct Remote Learning from Empty Classrooms

An empty classroom–the only thing they’ll understand

The Orange Southwest School District and Board of Education, in Vermont, favored trannies over normal children and now will have to pay (

When a girl complained about boys claiming to be girls invading the girls’ locker room as the real girls were dressing or undressing, of course the Powers That Be at the high school kicked her out of school, supposedly a punishment. When her father complained, he was suspended from his job as the middle school assistant soccer coach.

This was all last year. Now the student and her father are to be reinstated, their records scrubbed clean–and $125,000 paid out by the school in damages and costs. (Got off way too cheaply!) “School officials” (LOL) tacitly admit that people do have First Amendment free speech rights, however much they might wish otherwise.

But if you think having to pay out a barrel of taxpayer dollars to one of its victims is going to slow down the educators’ march to Transgender Utopia–well, you need to think again.

They are not going to change. They are not going to compromise.

The only effective protest against public education’s insane campaign against all that’s sane and normal is to pull the children out of public schools. It’s the only thing that will stop the teachers’ unions. They don’t care how many times we sue them.

But they will care about empty classrooms and schools that have to be shut down.

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  1. Disturbing post, as to what is going on. It’s good the parents won the lawsuit, but the evil mentally ill still run the organization, and they will double down, no matter how many lawsuits they lose. Thus, in mass, parents must remove their children from the reach of the lunatics and their system.

    I would like to focus on another part of your post, one word, “trannies.”

    I have come up with a suitable acronym which should be used (or until a better term is found) for the whole gamut of Alphabet people such as trannies, LGBT, TNB and all others. DDDD (Delusional Disordered, Deceived & Dangerous). I pray this would catch on, and all would use it in any discussion dealing with the Alphabet lunatics.

    When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. That’s called the “Truth in Advertising Act.”

    Thus, as Christians, we must also be truthful in all dealings with fellow humans. And that would be with language usage. As I wrote a bit ago about the word “Gay” used in reference to homosexuals. That word must never be used when referring to those who practice sodomy. We must refer to those people as homosexuals or sodomites, NEVER Gay! Here is a bit more “truth in advertising.”

    Misgendering: When a man, who thinks he is a woman, wants to be called miss, her, madam, or a lady. Correctly calling that person, a man, he or him, is correctly gendering them. The same goes for delusional women, who think they are men. They must be correctly gendered, and called women, she, her, or a lady.

    No baby is assigned their gender at birth. Gender is revealed at birth.

    We should never acquiesce, agree, consent, or yield nor submit to those lunatics. We must not be submissive, assenting, nor give in, go along with, affirm or subscribe to their demands or evil rantings. We must not give permission, nor sanction or permit, any open displays of immoral or vile activities.

    Do I hear an Amen?

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