A Bit of Banter

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We have a crew of workmen painting the building. Bother the nooze for the time being: I’d like you to enjoy a humorous exchange I overheard.

“You don’t like that music because it’s too melodic for you.”

“Too what?”

“See, I have a bigger vocabulary than you, too. I said melodic.”

“Melodic, eh? Spell it!”

“Sure! M-A-L-O-D-I-C…”

Malodic. As in malpractice, or malady. Maladjustment.

Come to think if it, there’s tons and tons of music that can be fairly called “malodic.”

(And now they’ve got the radio playing more of that malodic noise just a yard or two from my head… as I try to write. If you thought it was easy, please think again.)

4 comments on “A Bit of Banter

  1. Some of what gets played on car radios under my windows might almost be called malodorous. (A bit of synesthesia there, eh wot?)

  2. How about a bit of banter in the form of a poem.


    If I had the choice to choose between two,
    One or the other, which one would do?
    It could be this or that one you see,
    For this one is bigger and better for me.

    But bigger’s not better as I’ve been told,
    So the small one will do that’s all yellow and gold.
    But I don’t like yellow, and gold’s not for me,
    So I’ll take that one, over there by the tree.

    But now that I have it here in my hand,
    I like it much better, but it’s not what I planned.
    So I’ll put it back just next to the tree.
    There, that green and brown one is suited for me.

    But what would they say if I kept all three?
    Is that selfish and foolish and greedy of me?
    My friends and coworkers, what will they say,
    When I could choose two, but picked the three?

    Now those that I picked are not the right size,
    They’re big and bulky…just got poked in the eye!
    Now I decided what I will do.
    I’ll forget the whole thing and leave it to you.
    But I’m so confused, is it the right thing to do
    To leave you the choice—choose one or choose two?

    – “The Path Life Takes”-

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