We Have a Winner!

King Tutankhamun, facts and information

Sorry, everybody, but the deal fell through (never really got off the ground) and the winner of our comment contest will not, after all, be awarded the gold mask of Tutankhamen… or anybody else’s, either.

Comment No. 96,000 was posted yesterday by Phoebe. She already as the T-shirt, and those little army men who come alive at night while you’re asleep, so I guess her prize will be an autographed copy of Behold! 

To those who complain about the same few people winning all the contests–well, don’t you think I’d like to have scads of readers equally prolific in their comments? The more comments you post, the greater your chance of winning. Most of our regular commenters have already won, some more than once.

The next goal here will be 10o,000 comments. That’s a big flashy number and certainly deserves a prize. Believe me, folks, the door is open for more comments. I only delete obnoxious Far Left crazies; and that’s a public service.

Onward to 100 thou…

8 comments on “We Have a Winner!

  1. Yikes, now I feel guilty! But I’ll bear up womanfully and accept the prize. (How noble of me!) 😛 Looking forward to it! Lee, you still have my address, right?

  2. I may have not won this current contest, but I am a winner every day knowing I have Lee’s blog to read and comment on, and to enjoy the comments from others I see on this great site.

  3. Phoebe, I hope you have not picked out your prize just yet. For I am willing to pay shipping costs for the long boat which was first offered. I do have a few questions; where do you want your 4,198 extra-large boxes that contain your prize, placed on your property? I think brother Lee, was a bit vague about the condition or form your prize would arrive. There will be a wee bit of assembly required (I hope you like puzzles), for the boat comes in Lego sized pieces, with each of the two million and five parts clearly numbered. Of course, there is a 15-volume set of clearly worded instructions on how to put your vessel together.

    The two-thousand three-hundred gallons of Elmer’s glue needed for assembly is not included. Nor is the five bottles of extra strength Tylenol, which will be needed, for during assembly, one of the side effects of this project, is king sized headaches. A word of caution, with all that glue being applied, dripping all over and getting everywhere, a respirator will be required, for glue fumes in that quantity can be deadly. However, if you want to chance it, by not wearing one, please have your eulogy already written. Oh, one more thing, genius level of intelligence is needed for assembly.

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