Instead of the Nooze… Kittens on a Slide

I was looking for nooze but this came up first. Any reader who feels disappointed by my choice, please let me know.

What I want to know is what the kittens were doing up on the top of the slide in the first place.

4 comments on “Instead of the Nooze… Kittens on a Slide

  1. Well, the mother seemed to have a handle on the situation, but those poor little kittens were way out of their depth.

  2. C’on didn’t you see it, the last kitten was left in the dirt. No mom to drag him back up the burning, red hot, slippy slide. Mom was probably nursing her blisters. “Mom, oh mom, where art thou???” That’s what the doomed little creature was thinking. I called Dr Doolittle, and that’s what he heard the kitten lament. How sad, so sad…and someone thought this video was cute.

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