‘Sanity Break: the Woolly Mammoth’ (2018)

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It’s one of my life’s major disappointments that I’ve never seen a woolly mammoth. Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing these crossing your back yard at night.

Sanity Break: the Woolly Mammoth

Yeah, I know, I know–“Someday we can bring them back by cloning!” Just like Jurassic Park. The end of the Ice Age put the mammoths out of business. In the regeneration of all things, the LORD will put them back in.


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  1. That would be a heck of a sight to see. Undoubtedly, our Father will be restoring many things.

  2. It seems the Dodo bird has been brought back, but they must have made some errors in the genetic code, they’re as stupid as before, but they are thriving in a new habitat, Washington DC.

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