No Brain, No Heart (Oh, Me, Oh, My)

Boris karloff frankenstein hi-res stock photography and ...

Even The Monster had sort of a brain!

“Scientists” at a couple of labs in California claim to be creating artificial human embryos (–“for research!” they say. I think Dr. Mengele said it first.

What they expect to do is to start with just a few stem cells and from them grow an embryo. In that sense the end product is not truly “synthetic.” For that you have to go to Mars–see Synthetic Men of Mars. by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Another thing about these embryos–they won’t have hearts or brains. I know that’s something you can expect to find in rife abundance at any college nowadays, to say nothing of the U.S. Senate: but gee wiz–no heart? no brain? Ain’t we already got that?

Imagine being sold a new car made of bits and pieces of old cars and without an engine or wheels. Wouldn’t be much of a car, would it?

But we suspect there might be 81 million dindles who would buy it.

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  1. Secular scientists think if something can be done then do it, no morals allowed. Elon Musk is not sure if he has a soul or not because he is not sure if there is such a thing as a soul – so much for having a high IQ.

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