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Are You Ready for ‘Smart Chips’?

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No, boys ‘n’ girls, it’s not a new breakfast cereal–although maybe someday it could be. We’re talking about hi-tech “brain chips” that’ll make their lucky owners superintelligent (https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/03/04/northwestern-neuroscientist-researching-brain-chips-to-make-people-superintelligent/).

A Northwestern scientist is currently researching the project, which he expects will lead to some people having IQs of around 200. To hear him tell it, it’ll be easy: the chip gives your brain an Internet connection, it goes to Wikipedia, “and when I think this particular thought, it gives me the answer.” That is, it gives you the ability to spit out whatever is on Wikipedia. If you don’t understand what you’re parroting, so what? Wikipedia is never wrong!

The scientist, says the CBS nooze article, is “collaborating with Silicon Valley bigwigs he’d rather not name.” Is that supposed to reassure us? Silicon Valley bigwigs are never wrong, either! They’d never, never, never do anything but what was really, truly good for us. And did I mention that I am the Sultan of Swat?

He’s being cagey about potential societal prombles cropping up if the few people who can afford it get brain chips and become superintelligent while the rest of us are left behind. But the price would be bound to come down if they figured out how to serve them up as breakfast cereal.

From “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!” to “Brain Chips for Genius!” doesn’t seem like that big a jump.

More Computer Agony

Angry frilled-neck lizard — Stock Photo

I know exactly how he feels!

Hey! Let’s all hook our minds up to computers, and be real smart!

Words fail me.

Today our computers decided to deny us access to our email: first one, then the other. Patty, with more than a little colorful language, got the email back. Then the computers said, “Oh, yeah?” and stopped me from getting to my blog. Mozilla Firefox was the big offender: just flat-out went on strike. Looks like they changed the format without telling anybody.

If these computers had been operating my car as I was zooming down the Garden State Parkway, you’d see the results on the evening news tonight.

Now I’m coming to you via Google Chrome, until that decides to go belly-up, too.

If I suddenly disappear, rest assured it’s not my fault! $#@#$%&!

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