Please Stay Tuned

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I know you’re all on tenterhooks, waiting for Byron’s TV Listings. But today I’m going to try something different. I’m going to try to get some book-writing in before it rains.

Ozias, Prince Enthroned–I’ve got him crowned all right, but I’d be very surprised if I finished the book this year, I got off to such a late start. Today I really must do something with the prophetic visions of Duke Esdras on his death-bed.

Anyway, I’ll see what I can do with this, and then come in to post Byron the Quokka’s TV listings. He would probably bite me if I left them out.

All right, then–out we go!

4 comments on “Please Stay Tuned

  1. Stay Tuned. Well, OK. But my eyes are now cross-eyed, for all I can receive is that stupid test pattern on my TV, which I have been watching for the last 10 hours. Wait a minute, was I supposed to be listening to the radio? Oh, don’t worry, “Car 54 Where Are you,?” just came on, I think I will watch that for a while.

  2. No test patterns here. I also wondered when they stopped using the test pattern on TV? This is what I found.

    Many U.S. television stations chose the image of the Indian-head card to be their final image broadcast when their analog signals signed off for the final time between February 17 and June 12, 2009, as part of the digital television transition in the United States.

    Sorry, I wasn’t able to download the image and place it here.

    I didn’t have cable TV back in the US. But here, if you want to watch more then two or three fuzzy picture,TV programs, you need cable. Yeah, I had to move 7,000 miles across the sea, into a hot humid land, where it never gets cold, with many kinds of ants that bite, and weeds that grow a few feet overnight, and into giant trees within three months, just to get cable TV.

    1. Wow, I forgot that business about making all TV “digital” (whatever the hell that means) and making my TV set obsolete… in the sense that although there was nothing wrong with it, it wouldn’t work anymore. Gee, thanks.

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