‘By Popular Demand: America Is Not A “Democracy”‘ (2019)

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The Fourth of July will be here before you know it, and then we’ll be treated to all sorts of mush-brained crackpot rhetoric about “America’s democracy” and all the tripe that goes with it.

By Popular Demand: America Is Not a ‘Democracy’

The United States Constitution–you know, the law of the land, that Democrats are always trying to get rid of–guarantees each and every state a republican form of government, not a “democracy.” You could look it up. Or you could visit any one of a dozen People’s Democratic Republics around the world and see how you like eating tree-bark for breakfast.

Democracy, as practiced throughout history, is a terrible thing that lands its practitioners in troubles that are not easy to get out of. Our country’s founders knew that: they were determined to avoid subjecting their new country to “democracy.”

We keep trying to undo their work. That will catch up with us someday.

6 comments on “‘By Popular Demand: America Is Not A “Democracy”‘ (2019)

  1. Some day? It has already caught up with us. Saving our Democracy is all we hear any more, even from patriots who should know better. Lenin loved democracies because he knew they always turn into socialism.

  2. A Democracy is when the wolves have 51% of the votes, and the sheep have 49%. And than they vote for what they are going to eat for dinner.

    1. I don’t remember if I came up with that, or maybe I read it in some of R. J. Rushdoony’s writings, or somewhere else.

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