Hooray! Colleges Going Belly-Up!

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Toldja it wouldn’t work!

Rejoice! Dozens of colleges are going out of business in America–91 of them since 2016 (https://www.cnbc.com/2023/06/17/why-more-and-more-colleges-are-closing-down-across-the-us.html). This includes mergers, but either way the result is fewer doofus factories.

Naturally a lot of the blame is placed on The Great Pandemic; but that’s over now, and the colleges continue to be hurting. So they’re blaming it on steadily declining enrollment–again, rejoice!–and finances. Some 95% of our colleges rely on tuition for their funding, they don’t get the juicy government largesse shoveled out to some of the big-name schools. Colleges can’t just keep raising the tuition every year. Observers admit that’s “unsustainable.”

Apart from the public schools themselves, what does more damage to America than her colleges and looniversities? How many people do we need with advanced degrees in Intersectional Cisalpine Potty Chair Studies? How deep in debt do you want to go, to earn a Master’s in Tunisian Poets With Hives?

We bought into a toweringly dumb idea: “Everybody has to go to college!” Now we are paying for that folly.

Let’s see how many of these Flop Shops crash before it levels off.


7 comments on “Hooray! Colleges Going Belly-Up!

  1. How about the State of Minnesota? They passed a bill that would provide free college tuition for families making less than $80K a year – even illegal aliens can qualify for it.

  2. College has become all but meaningless. We see recent grads hitting the workplace whom are essentially incapable of meaningful work. In many cases, I could do as well just training someone with technical aptitude.

    1. Well, take journalism. Four or five years in J-school and they write like monkeys. I learned on the job how to be a newspaper editor, and in a month or two I had it all down pat. (Maybe I should write about that experience. Tomorrow, I think.)

  3. That is a good idea for a column. Nevertheless, I still think what I wrote in the other post, is a great idea, brother Lee, and should be done ASAP.

    Oh, and those propaganda institutions going belly up, is good news.

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