‘Let Me Keep My Werewolf!’

Yeah, this is sort of a weird story.

A woman in Piqua, Ohio, is fighting off her neighbors and resisting pressure from her local government… because she likes the 10-foot-tall werewolf statue she put up for Halloween and doesn’t want to take it down (https://www.whio.com/news/local/let-me-have-my-werewolf-statue-front-yard-piqua-home-causes-debate-among-neighbors/RGUYAZ2RSREKNIWSYF7PCXAMMY/).

The bulk of the objection seems to be “It’s ugly!” The town tried to invoke a law that limits “seasonal” lawn displays, but Ms. Werewolf got around that by giving the werewolf a different costume for each season. Is she wasted in civilian life, or what?

It’s an old question: To what extend is your property your property. There are towns that tell you what color you can paint your house; and if they don’t like what you’ve done, they’ll make you do it over. They’ll tell you what you can grow on your property and what you can’t grow. They’ll tell you how and where to park your car.

For all he claims “freedom” to do as he pleases, fallen sinful man has a serious problem with other people’s freedom.

(Yeah, it’s ugly. But we don’t ban tattoos, do we? They’re ugly.)

Somewhere the negotiations broke down. This shouldn’t be an unsolvable problem.

4 comments on “‘Let Me Keep My Werewolf!’

  1. The statue is too big. An ordinance for a smaller size might be the answer. We have a large cement rabbit statue in the middle of our front yard, but it is not intrusive – the neighbors like it. They call our house the Bunny House.

  2. How about consideration for one’s neighbors? Does she have the right to keep that up. Perhaps, but it’s certainly selfish to keep it up if the neighbors are bothered.

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