Non-Stop Kittens

Hey, let’s play Count the Kittens! And then we can go to the pet shop and count the guppies in the big aquarium.

I cannot be sure how many kittens are playing around this ratty old box. Maybe there’s more in there than you’d think.

5 comments on “Non-Stop Kittens

  1. Here, you do not need an aquarium to see guppies. After a long heavy rain, the canal will spill its banks and flow onto our road, where at times you will find small schools of guppies swimming.

  2. Guppies probably live in other tropical countries as well. The ones I saw here, their coloring was a bit different than any I have seen before. Gouramis also flourish, along with other kinds of fish, but I have no idea what species they are. I intend to get an aquarium, it’s warm here so a heater isn’t necessary. My source for most of the fish will be very convenient, our canal. I’m going to purchase a large net, and dip it into those schools of fish. I don’t care what kind appears in the net; I am curious to know what else lurks within its warm waters. And if I did happen to scoop up an aquatic baby monster along with harmless varieties, if they become dangerous, or approach the size of Jaws, I can always return them to their ancestral home or sell them in the market.

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