Byron’s TV Listings, June 24

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G’day, all! Byron the Quokka here, with this weekend’s glorious TV brought to you by Quokka University. Here’s a sample of our menu:

7 P.M.  Ch. 36  WRONG CHOICE!–Game show & propaganda

Everyone has the freedom to make the right choice–but heaven help you if you choose wrong! Learn how to make right choices by watching what happens to contestants who choose wrong! Host: Matilda Ringworm. Sponsored by the FBI!

7:30 P.M.  Ch. 16  SKINWALKER THEATER–Drama

Is your town overrun by skinwalkers? Hire a pair of skinwalkers to catch the skinwalkers! This week: Skinny (Del Crandall) and Walkie (Barbara Billingsly) hunt down a ring of skinwalkers who terrorize the local Stop & Shop. Store manager: Mandy Lifeboatz.


This experimental cartoon show, geared to adults who hardly deserve the title, centers on a family of laundry thieves in a town that has no laundromat. Silent voice-overs by Marcel Marceau kind of thinned out the ratings. But many viewers locked up their laundry after watching an episode or two.

8 P.M.  Ch. 06   ‘YONGARI, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP’ MEETS ‘THE SEVENTH SEAL’–Incredibly creative existentialist drama

What do you get when you mix a Japanese-South Korean monster movie with a murky black-and-white Swedish thingy by Ingmar Bergman? You get 144 minutes of navel-contemplating mayhem! Special guest star: Pee Wee Herman. Not-so-special guest star: the owl trainer from What To Do When Your Pets Don’t Like You.

And that’s that! Digging up these shows is hard work! I’d better settle down and watch a few of them.

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Gotta sleep sometime! Byron the Quokka, signing off… zzzzzzz….

2 comments on “Byron’s TV Listings, June 24

  1. WRONG CHOICE!–Game show & propaganda – this is must-see. Experience is the best teacher they say. ‘YONGARI, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP’ MEETS ‘THE SEVENTH SEAL’– I hope the special effects are as good as in Jurassic Park. And sleepy head, Byron, wake up!!!

  2. Yeah, I with you Mr. wabbit, I’m gona watch both shows. But I hope I haven’t made the wrong choice.

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