It’s Curtains for These Kittens

No, no, I don’t mean they’re doomed! I mean it literally, not metaphorically–kittens having a very good time with curtains. I can laugh as I watch it because they’re not my curtains. (Robbie doesn’t do curtains anymore.)

3 comments on “It’s Curtains for These Kittens

  1. That brings back painful memories. Of our large, small puma size, male cat, just hanging around in the middle of the night, climbing his way to the top of my wife’s favorite curtains, while the curtain rod sagged due to its weight. She was not laughing. It was more of a cross between a scream and a wailing sound, that shattered my sleep.

  2. There’s always one adventurer, in this case, the orange kitten. We was going for it.

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