‘The 300th Chapter of Oy, Rodney’ (2019)

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Sandy Becker with Geeba-Geeba (left): he carved these puppets himself

You know how modest I am, and how I hate to blow my own horn, lest someone snatch it from my grasp and blow it back. But I think this Oy, Rodney chapter from four years ago may be the funniest thing I’ve ever written.

The 300th Chapter of ‘Oy, Rodney’

Hey, gimme a break, it’s Sunday, I want to sit outside and rest. Besides which, the chapter really is funny and a good laugh is a blessing from the LORD.

Are there any regular nooze stories you’re mad at me for not covering today?

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  1. And all this time, I thought this had been a column dedicated to the Civilian Conservation Corps. Talk about a letdown. 🙂

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