Disney Lays 8 Eggs in a Row

Box Office Analyst Estimates That Disney Has Lost $890 Million on Last Eight Studio Releases, Including Woke Little Mermaid and Elemental

No, we’re not talking agriculture. By “eggs” I mean movies that have bombed, failed, cost a fortune, etc.

Disney has lost a combined $890 million on its last eight movies. They probably could’ve made eight more movies with that money, if they hadn’t blown it.

The eight bombs all have the same thing in common: they are vessels for Woke/ Far Left Crazy ideology. Most of them try to sell children on homosexuality. How parents could be so unsuspecting as to lend their kids to Disney for the day is more than I can understand.

The “movies” also feature praise and acceptance for unlimited immigration, sexuality without boundaries, the whole batch of left-wing poisons. One after another after another.

They don’t seem to care that they’re losing money. That’s a question that needs looking into. Why don’t they care? Why do they keep turning out these Woke travesties?

I’m guessing the Chicoms are footing the bill.

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