Macron Calls for ‘Climate Tax’… Etc.

Jupiter' or just another politician? Macron's divine aura begins to fade | Emmanuel  Macron | The Guardian

Yes, he has a throne! As for who’s sitting in the other one… don’t ask!

While you’re counting your change to see if you have enough left to buy lunch after you pay the mileage tax that’s just been imposed on you by Democrats, you’d better hope you have some left over for Whatsisname Macron’s new International Tax To Fight Poverty And Save The Plaaaaanet From Climate Change, blather-blather (

Yo, French “Yellow Jackets”! How did you fail to run this jidrool out of office? Why is he still president of France, still making mischief?

Yowsah, yowsah–an “international tax”! Who would collect it? Whose fingers would it wind up sticking to?

Fortunately we have a Constitution that says only our elected Congress has the authority to levy taxes on us.

Why is everybody laughing?

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  1. Macron is one of many current leaders of countries that have gone through the World Economic Forum’s youth program which lasts about five years. Do you think maybe there is a theme here? Who is really deciding who the head of countries will be?

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