‘Social Distancing… Forever?’ (2020)

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Do we let them do this to us again?

I’ve been re-running posts from 2020 to remind everybody what The Regime has in store for you. They did it once, they got away with it, and they’ll do it again. Unless we’re wide-awake and firmly resolved to stop them.

‘Social Distancing’… Forever?

You know they’re going to want another emergency, or some other kind of “Everybody dies if you don’t do what we say!”–just in time for the 2024 presidential election. “No problem! We’ve got mail-in balloting!” Yeah… like we’ve heard before.

Democrats will NOT give up power. It has to be TAKEN away from them.

5 comments on “‘Social Distancing… Forever?’ (2020)

  1. I still see some people with masks on — mostly in upscale venues, which tend to lean left. And every now and then I see one of these upscalers keeping a 6-foot distance behind the person in front of her in a checkout line, which really messes up the next person in line.

    I’ve said from the beginning that the point of the whole mask-cum-distance program was not just to get people to do senseless things on command (although that was certainly part of the training) but also to condition people to fear and distrust each other, even when the mandates were lifted. It was a long-range conditioning program.

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