Affirmative Action: Kaput!

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Just in time for the Fourth of July!

You probably don’t need me to report this story, but it’s too big to ignore. And besides which, a lot of rejoicing is in order.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that race-based “affirmative action” for college admissions is… unconstitutional!

(Hint: We always knew that. Previous courts simply didn’t care.)

And oh! Far Left Crazy is bleeding from the eyes and ears! It’s the end of democracy! America is racist! They want to bring back slavery! And on and on and on, every Democrat doofus on the planet.

Yo! Jidrools! Now you know how we felt, all those years, with the Court “discovering” previously unknown and unimagined “rights” that were used to turn our country inside-out. The original Roe v. Wade. The “right” to same-sex parodies of marriage. Now it’s your turn–how do you like it? You wanted the Court to have more power… and you got your wish!

Toldja it would come to this. But you just thought you’d own the Court forever and it would always do your bidding.


4 comments on “Affirmative Action: Kaput!

  1. This is truly good news! The Dems scream racism when they are the real racists (ask them what they think of whites.) Judge Thomas stated in his concurring opinion in Dobbs that all the Woke legislation is set to be overturned. Today the S.C. ruled Biden does not have the power to forgive college tuition debt – like, who didn’t know that? The Bible teaches Christ’s followers are not to complain but to rejoice always.

  2. I really love good news. Yes, you do need to report these kinds of stories, for some news I do not get over here (It doesn’t come up on my “home” page).

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