Oh, Please, Gimme a Break!

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If you’re a blogger who has, at the moment, nothing to say–a sign that maybe you should say nothing at all–WordPress provides a “Daily Writing Prompt.” Here is today’s daily writing prompt.

“Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?”

Would this count as an answer? “Yeah–I try to see how many brain-dead left-wing globalist cliches I can stuff into one sentence.”

I mean, really–are we supposed to be good little obedient muzhiks who faithfully tow the Party line?

You know what America’s problem is? We let ourselves be bullied and browbeaten by a lot of micro-minorities who want to change the way we live. The day I actually pursue a “lifestyle,” you can put me in my grave, I’m finished.

I don’t get to whiz off to Davos in a private jet, sit down at a fancy dinner with the other nabobs, and tell the peasants how they ought to live. Think of all the money we could save, all the trees that wouldn’t get chopped down, if we didn’t bother to “sustain” that lifestyle. How hard do we have to work to keep the globalists in fish and chips?

And if that’s not the reaction that they hoped to prompt, try this one:


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  1. I try to practice prayer every day in order to sustain my relationship with God. Does that count?

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