By Poplar Demand! ‘Camp Bah-Lo-Nee’

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“It’s THE camp for OCD news junkies!”

If you can’t tear yourself away from the screen and TV nooze, Camp Bah-Lo-Nee’s the place for you! Here they’ve got nothing but nooze. Inside a week you’ll know the names of all the politicians’ lawyers.

Camp Bah-Lo-Nee

Although the camp is still under construction somewhere in the Australian Outback, there’s already a waiting list. I don’t know where Byron the Quokka put it. This will be the first news junkies’ camp ever set up by quokkas, and everybody’s learning as they go along.

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  1. Ahem, Lee, maybe if you sent Byron a nice bicycle he’d be able to get out to the Outback and supervise the construction. (Did I do that right, Byron?) 🙂

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