‘The’ Soupreem Cort It Has Got To Go!!!

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I amb so Mad “at” that Soupreem Cort!!!! I cannt beleave waht thay done!!!! Thay axturally toleded Pressadint Jobydin he cuddnt Fourgiv themb Stodint Lones!!!!!!

Whoo do thay “thinck” thay Are??? Haow amb I saposed “to” pay Off my Lone unlest the Govvermint thay pay It “foar” me???

Ovbiussly the Pressadint he “can Do” enny-thing he whants (unlest It “is” that Knotsy, Darnold trump!)!) IT “IS” NOTT FARE TO MAIK US PAY OUR LONES!!!!!!!! iT IS Racist!! It “is” Trans-Foabick!! Haow “are” whee saposed to has Yuniversle Collidge iff The Peeple thay has to pay “foar” “it”???

Ya wanta heer sumb-Thing reely STOPID!?!? Sumb Hater he sayed “Dett can neether be cree-ated nor de-stroyyed, ownly shifftid on “to” Sumb-one Elsse”!!” So we beet himb Up!!!

Well so wat! As lawng as “it” gits shifftid on to sumb Crisschin Racist, whoo CARES???? Thay shood be hapy thare paying Foar my Collidge eddi”ca”tion!!!! This hear “it” is Wye thay shood maik “a” Law that the Soupreem Cort shood jist Shut Up!!!! Wye the Pressadint doughnt jist throw themb all “In” Jale,, I doughnt know!!!

So whooze goingto Pay off “evry-boddy’s Stodint Lones?!? Aint gonna bee “The” stoodints,, we Got No munny!!!!

We willl prey “To” Pressadint O’bomba To Saive us!!!!!

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