Really Scary Predators! Land Crocodiles

The dinosaurs were long gone, it was the Age of Mammals… but these huge reptilian predators didn’t know that.

Mr. Nature here, with a bunch of mostly obscure prehistoric predators related to today’s alligators and crocodiles. The video will hit you with enough scientific names to have you talking to yourself, but at least it’s full of cool pictures. And all you need to know, really, is that “suchus”–which is part of most of those names–means “crocodile.”

I wonder when these monsters will turn up in Lintum Forest!

What I see here is not “evolution,” but rather God’s infinite creative power. We don’t know very much about Dentaneosuchus, et al,  but we do have some fossil evidence–enough to convince us that this would have been a very good animal to avoid. Their remains have been found in Europe, Africa, and South America.

Why aren’t they still here? The LORD has not given us an explanation. He has the entire universe at His disposal, So who knows, there might be some of these in places where we’ll never go.

Meanwhile, we can stand in awe of God’s handiwork.

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  1. They know it lived 40 million years ago; its birth certificate was found recently. A catch of rare family photos was also discovered, along with the remains of its twin brothers and sisters, who, it’s believed perished in a boating accident. It’s unusual to find graves or their bones, for after the death of a love one, cremation was the normal procedure for these shy, highly intelligent animals. Some scientists suggest, it’s believed they were averse to the idea, that some future day, grave robbers and ghouls might desecrate their families’ bones and put them on display.

    Seriously, as to why they aren’t still here, I think it’s an easy question to answer. Firstly, many still believe in evolution’s millions of years. And ask that kind of question built upon that fairy tale. There is no evolutionary history to study! If you start with wrong assumptions, you get wrong answers. A world-wide flood about 5,000 years gives the answer as to where most of the bones come from. Animals have been going extinct since the time they left the ark. And they still go extinct today. And it’s not always man’s fault.

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