By Request: Joe Collidge

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I wussnt heer Last weeek becose “I” whent “to” sea Indira Joanes And ‘The” Dile of Destony, it “is” aslo cauled Indira Joanes 5 becose he Has “fyve” (^5) fingurs “on” one (^1) haand!!! I dint has munny Foar Pop Korn butt thare “was” plenity On “the” flore so i hadded somb Of “that”!”!

And “then” I heared The Awffle News!!! Out in Bosston a Sweeet Sociulist Countzil Wimmin she crashed her Car “intwo” a Haouse!!!! She dint Get killt or nothing butt “the Car” and “the Haouse” thay got Toattled!!!!! Ovbiusly it “was” Sisstembic Racism “that” maid her Cr”a”she!!!

And then i got “to Thinkin that “this heare” Axxidint it nepher woodof hapened in The Indira Joanes moovie and the hole “thing” it Was probbly Faike News jist to make Sociulusts “Loock” Bad!!!!!! I bett yiu Any-thing it was that Grate Movie that “was” reel and that so-caulled News “that was” Faik!!! Butt befour I cood “do” enny moar Thinkin,, i got Too sic to think and i hadded a “tarrible” tyme All Nite lawng!!!!

Well at leest I lurnt “a” Lessen!! It “is” The moovies that Are reel “and” the News “that” is faik!!!! And its tyme Jobydin he done somb-thing “Abuout” It!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hard to tell whether his sickness was caused by the floor popcorn or his attempt at thinking. 😄

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