‘Bill Nye, the Death Guy’ (2017)

Bill Nye, The FOOD Science Guy! «

One man’s “science” is another man’s snake oil.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if all us old folks just fell off our perch and left behind a world full of defenseless young minds for the likes of Bill Nye to play with?

Actually we haven’t seen much of him lately, have we? Has he gotten what he wished on others?

Bill Nye the Death Guy

There is no one as anti-human as a humanist. We do we flood our airwaves with ’em? Why does anybody care what Bill Nye says?

(Note: I see that now that COVID has subsided, they’re piling back onto the Climbit Chainge Express.)

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  1. If education is a factor, Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago from Rocky IV) is more qualified to speak on science/scientific matters than Bill Nye.

  2. Those who hate God’s wisdom love death. I see that in action.

    I used to love Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons. Larson is, to the best of my knowledge, an atheist, and if you look at his cartoons, death is quite prominent. Evolution requires a very long history of death, so from that mindset, death becomes very desirable.

  3. I watched both of his debates that he had with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Mr. Nye is extremely arrogant, judgmental, and rude.

    1. What else would you expect?
      I would not bother to debate an atheist. It just isn’t worth it–you might as well be talking to a birdbath.

  4. Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons do reflect his worldview. And so does most other types of art, paintings, books and articles people compose.

    Years ago, I had a friend, a non-believer who I got a chance to spend long drives together. I loved those times, for he was a captive audience, and I got to discuss evolution vs creation, and my faith in God. During one outing, he told me about his cousin, an art teacher for the 12th grade, and in great detail described the kind of art hanging on the walls in his home. I than began to tell him all about his cousins’ atheist worldview. He asked me, “How do you know anything about him?” I replied, “The art he has in his home spells it out, and is a reflection of his views on life.”

    The art works of Pablo Picasso in his later years, also tells the story of his beliefs, of this somewhat immoral atheistic man. But I could deduce this from his art. Years later I read a detailed newspaper story about his life, and sure enough, his paintings told the story.

    1. You are definitely onto something. Years ago, I knew a fellow who had accompanied one of the biggest names in Rock guitar. This musician was famed for his outlandish sound, and music that I find cacophonous, at best. The man himself was a wreck; apparently devoid of spirituality and completely at the mercy of the drugs that took his life, before he reached the age of thirty. He was notoriously immoral, and deemed to be unable to even begin to form lasting relationships. IMHO, his raucous sound was a reflection of his nature and his inner self, which is to say chaotic and disordered.

      I know that my music reflects my nature, and there are some types of music I just have no interest in playing. In the mid to late ‘60s, suddenly the guitar parts on many songs were heavily distorted. That gives power to the sound, but I find it unpleasant. Many guitarists are obsessed with distortion, but I prefer my sound on the clean side. I just don’t want my music to be remembered for distorted guitar sounds; it’s not what I wish to express.

      I believe that this stems from my endeavor to live my life in a godly manner. Somehow, I don’t think that angry sounds are how my Creator wants me to use the gifts he has given me. If I were a graphic artist (which I am most certainly not), I would want my art to reflect my values, and wouldn’t want to try to push the boundaries of taste and decorum.

      Lee’s books reflect a Christian worldview, and have an uplifting effect on the reader. I think that all art should be for the betterment of humanity, and not likewise, at least appeal to our better nature, as do Lee’s writings.

      There was a time in my life when I was somewhat cynical and not particularly positive. As I progressed in my faith, this was replaced with a much more positive view, and a sincere desire to treat others with kindness. This has only made my own life that much happier, and helped me to attain better relationships with others. It sure beats being fixated on death.

    2. I’ll go a step farther: art not only reflects the worldview and inner life of the artist, but also that of the surrounding social and cultural environment.
      Ours sucks.

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