Bill Clinton–Novelist

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Bill Clinton enjoys the perks of public office…

My wife said, “Here’s your competition. Bill Clinton has just written his first novel!”

Well, sort of written. He co-authored it (heh-heh) with internationally best-selling writer James Patterson ( It hasn’t even been published yet, but Showtime has already won the hotly-contested bidding war to turn Clinton’s novel, The President is Missing, into a TV series.

The story, explains America’s favorite dirty old man and former president, is about “what happens when a sitting president suddenly disappears.”

Hmmm… Have they looked under the desk in the Oval Office?

Follow the Monica.

Ain’t it wonderful to be a Clinton?

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  1. Patterson is one of my 3 favorite contemporary novelists, Ken Follett and Lee Duigan being the other two. I’ve got an eerie premonition that billy boy’s book will be an ‘art imitates life’ threat. I’m less fearful of the jihadists in our country than I am of the big-name, small-man liberals who create terror as a tool to control our daily lives. Will not buy or read or recommend the book, but will read the review of it. After all, Patterson wrote it… Unknowable is clever – “The President’s Conscience is Missing” would be more accurate, but with such a title, the fakestream media, of course, would say it’s really about Trump.

    PS: The globalists have gained such enormous ground that they are now in our face. Gloomy.

  2. Lee, I actually shrieked with laughter when I got to your question, “Have they looked under the desk in the Oval Office?” I’m still laughing.

  3. Bill and Hillary seem to be playing ‘follow the leader’, switching places so they can each have the lead at some point. Bill ran for president, so Hillary had to run – twice. The problem for her is she lost – twice. Then Hillary writes two books (both losers) , and while she cavorts around the country charging admission to her book signings, Bill writes a book (most likely a loser). This pair doesn’t know when to slither away and leave well enough alone.

    You don’t suppose he’ll use the above picture as his cover, do you? LOL!

    1. And then, of course, Hillary would go on another ‘right wing conspiracy’ rant 🙂

  4. No way did Bill Clinton help write this book, just like Hillary didn’t write “It Takes a Village” or “What Happened.” I guess this will be the new trend. Stephen King can write a book with Mitch McConnell – not that would be scary.

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