Regime Touts Abortion as ‘Necessary for Military Readiness’

(“Look at his eyes, Mommy! He is crazy!”)

Look at the people who’d been moved into government, these past three years. It’s enough to make to sit down and cry.

So here’s “national security spokesman” John Kirby hailing abortion as “necessary for military readiness” and “a foundational sacred obligation of military leaders” (

He prefers to call it “reproductive care”–although abortion is surely a last-ditch effort to prevent reproduction.

(“We can’t attack them, comrade! Not with all those abortions they do. We wouldn’t stand a chance!”)

It’s distressing to observe that our nation is governed–shall we say “ruled”?–by Far Left wack-jobs like this one. And we’ve got a treasury secretary who thinks the Ukraine war is a boon to the economy. And this fat guy with a wig and nail polish who says he is a woman–he’s in charge of public health.

Someday historians will argue about whether this age actually existed.

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