‘Crawl On Your Belly When They Kick You In The Face’ (2018)

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The tyrant’s biggest asset is his people’s loss of self-respect. Once you’ve got them willing to say anything to avoid being packed off to the gulag, you’ve got ’em where you want ’em.

Like so:

Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face

See how this “journalism professor” grovels. That’s what warms the cockles of a Democrat’s heart–total self-abasement. If you don’t find this display disgusting, better check if you can fog a mirror.

4 comments on “‘Crawl On Your Belly When They Kick You In The Face’ (2018)

  1. One of the oddest things is that the abject apologizers never seem to have learned from leftists’ reactions to other apologizers that the apologies not only don’t work but also incur even worse abuse and even total destruction of the apologizers’ lives. See also the show trials in other Communist cultures: The target is tortured until he “confesses” and “repents,” and then, when he’s finally “re-educated,” he’s executed.

  2. Yesterday before Congress RFK Jr. pleaded with fellow Democrats not to censor him, then the Dems on the committee tried to go into executive meeting mode as a way to censor him. Hey, the man is running for President as a Democrat in the same vein as their idol JFK.

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