‘USA! USA!’ Chant Rattles Noozies

[Thanks to Susan for the news tip]

Oh, no, Precious, they didn’t like that! Nasty people chanting “USA! USA!” on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. Not supposed to say that, not allowed–!

The occasion was PublicSq. going public with its stock. Public Sq. is a conservative consumers’ association that advises customers on how to avoid directing their money to Far Left/Woke/DEI corporations that attack the customers’ values and beliefs.

So now you can buy stock in PublicSq., and the company’s CEO had the privilege of ringing the bell to open up trading for the day. There’s talk of creating a “parallel economy” that would leave the woke corporations stewing in their own juice. Certainly ringing the NYSE bell had a symbolic overtone.

That resulted in a standing ovation, wild applause, and a chant of “USA! USA!” that clearly got under the “news reporter’s” skin. They’re not used to hearing that! And I dare say they don’t like it when they do.

Left-wing varmints take note: there are a lot more of us than there are of you… and we are fed up!

(We might be seeing something big and glorious about to happen. Stay tuned! USA! USA!)

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  1. There’s an app out too called Veebs that essentially does the same thing. The woke backlash is well underway. In the words of Yamamoto, they have “awakened the sleeping giant”.

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