Scotland Fells 16 Million Trees–to Save The Planet

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A Far Left field of dreams

We hadda destroy the environment in order to save it? Dude, I’m not with you…

Yup. To make room for green pipe-dream wind farms, Scotland has had some 16 million trees chopped down (

Remember elementary science, in school? Trees eat up CO2 and release oxygen, making life on earth possible. They also provide habitat for thousands of species of animals. What? You never learned that in school–too busy learning “genders”? Well, just try to remember this: plant life produces breathable air. It’s a fact. Wishing it weren’t won’t make it go away.

Hey! Anybody out there from Scotland? (I know a couple of you, but I won’t put you on the spot.) Can you explain this ooky-spooky public policy? Why are greenies in favor of wiping out 16 million trees and the animals that depend on those trees?

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  1. Well, another objective of the Global Greenies is to depopulate the planet. Chopping down oxygen-producing (and CO2-decreasing) plant life helps toward that objective.

  2. Have all the nut houses (to not offend anyone, a nut house is where two legged squirrels feed), in Scotland been opened and the nuts given jobs in the government?

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