Has the DEI Bubble Burst?

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Oh, boy! It’s 2020! George Floyd! All aboard the bandwagon! And so (you knew they would) hundreds of companies and corporations dove headlong into the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) boondoggle.

Fun’s over. In the year ending this past December, 33 percent of “DEI officers” and associated hangers-on have lost those jobs created for them in a stampede (https://abcnews.go.com/US/corporate-america-slashing-dei-workers-amid-backlash-diversity/story?id=100477952#:~:text=One%20in%20three%20DEI%20professionals,lower%20attrition%20rate%20of%2021%25.). True, the Biden economy is a mess: 21 percent of everybody who’s not  a DEI officer lost their jobs, too.

In 2019-2022, DEI hires increased 169 percent.

Then companies discovered that these new employees produced nothing of value to the employer. Oh, they blame “the conservative backlash” for it, too; but the fact is, a DEI officer is good for nothing. The salary’s a sheer waste of money.

And so one out of three of ’em got sent packing in 2022.

It’s likely (we hope) to be more. Florida and Texas are acting to abolish “identity-based” hiring and promotion. Other states will follow.

If we don’t take back America from the Far Left Crazy who have hijacked it, posterity, if there is any, will call us cowards.

3 comments on “Has the DEI Bubble Burst?

  1. Well, here we go again. I get so sick of seeing “adults” behaving like kindergarteners.

  2. You can’t end discrimination by implementing new kinds of discrimination. I actually qualify to be considered as a member of a minority group, but I don’t blame every difficulty in my life on the fact that there is recent Asian ancestry in my family. Frankly, if someone offered me some sort of different treatment because of it.

    Everyone should be treated with decency and consideration, but each individual should do their best, and contribute to society, as a whole.

  3. States, especially red ones, need to declare their sovereignty under the U.S. Constitution and nullify all federal laws that are unconstitutional – you know, the ones dealing with gun control, illegal search and seizure via the Internet of our private correspondence, and prosecuting conservatives with a different standard than Democrats.

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