State Education Bigwig Ejected from Board Meeting

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A hundred years ago the town of Chino, California, was briefly famous for rocks falling from the sky–a mystery that has remained unsolved to this day.

But Chino was in the news again last week, and we are moved to stand up and salute.

The Chino school district was in the process of drawing up and enacting a new “transgender” policy that’s the opposite of what everybody else’s schools are doing. Rather than conceal from the parents a child’s, er, “desire” or need to have his or her sex changed, Chino’s policy will be to inform the child’s parents (

Well, we can’t have that! Parents deciding what’s best for their children–no, no, no!

So the state superintendent of schools went to Chino’s next school board meeting to tell the board where to get off.

Replied the board president, “We are here because of people like you. You’re in Sacramento proposing things that pervert children.”

And they had the police hustle the supe out of the board meeting! Yep, he got the old bum’s rush. And he deserved it, too.

Where did the Chino school board find the courage to do this? Praise the lord, a beacon of sanity in the darkness of “transgender”! I hope the voters in Chino who elected this board appreciate how blessed they are.

Stand up and fight the Far Left Crazy! It can be done.

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