Naked Woman–with Gun–Ties Up Traffic

Are people getting crazier?

Yesterday traffic stopped on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge… thanks to a naked woman with a gun ( People got quite a scare out of that; but it seems she was only firing into the air. No one was hurt, but traffic was jammed up for hours.

California Highway Patrol officers talked her down and convinced her to give up the gun, then took her away in an ambulance. Police speculate she was having “a mental health crisis.” Ya think?

What drove this woman over the edge? Will we ever know? Or is this just California being California?

5 comments on “Naked Woman–with Gun–Ties Up Traffic

  1. You act as if nude people firing handguns into the air was an unusual event. Obviously, you don’t visit California often. 🙂

    1. I avoid it like the plague. I accidentally entered California, on my way to Las Vegas, and felt like a needed a shower. 🙂

  2. Over the edge? There is no longer an edge, it’s all become fuzzy, and at times more fuzzy. in California, all you need to know for each day, before you wonder out into the crazy, how fuzzy are the people going to be today.

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